Career In Digital Marketing In 2023

A career in digital marketing could be the perfect job for you if you want a creative tech job that lets you make big plans. If you love writing thoughtful copies and spending time engaging with clients on social media, this job may interest you. There are many reasons to choose a digital marketing career path. For one thing, it’s a very successful business. Many buy things based on the ads they see on search engines, social media, or in their emails.

career in digital marketing

Is Digital Marketing A Good Career?

Are you the kind of person who can handle change, loves to learn, gets along well with others, and likes to help people? If you said yes, digital marketing is your right job. When you first start digital marketing, it can be scary and overwhelming. Keep going to get into a field with a lot of variety, excitement, and room for growth. In this article, you will get to know all it takes to start a career in digital marketing.

The benefits of working in digital marketing include the following: 

An Exciting New Career

The field of digital marketing is still relatively new in today’s world. A high number of job opportunities are available in this industry, which is growing yearly. It provides a decent salary and has a steady growth rate.

High Demand

For a business to remain competitive and attract new customers, they need a digital marketing strategy. There is no doubt that the digital marketing profession will be the most in-demand profession in the year 2022.

Various Remote Jobs Options

There is no doubt that this is true, of course! There is nothing stopping you from becoming a digital nomad. As a matter of fact, you can work from anywhere in the world. It is only necessary for you to have a laptop and an internet connection in order to do this.[1]


Working on projects or on an hourly basis are the two options you have when it comes to your work schedule. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what you want.


It is estimated that a digital marketing manager could earn a salary of $72,015 per year. It is important to note that the pay varies depending on the region and the level of experience.

Digital Marketing Career Path

It is possible to advance in digital marketing by becoming an expert or influencer in one or more disciplines. To be clear, you can stick to a variety of specialties. Having a solid foundation in several marketing facets might make you more attractive as a job applicant because many talents overlap. Being a subject matter expert can make you a highly sought-after digital marketer.[2] However, you can specialize in more than one area to get knowledge in others. Your best option might be to gain a basic understanding of as many marketing specialties as possible while concentrating on one in particular.

Here are a few specialties you should consider when planning your digital marketing career.


There is no doubt that search engine optimization, or SEO marketing, is one of the most prevalent and in-demand skills in the world of digital marketing right now. The purpose of SEO marketing is to create content that ranks highly in search engines when consumers ask queries relevant to a brand or industry.

Organic customer interest may flood a brand’s website if its content is prominent in search engine results. A piece of content as good as any in the industry may go unnoticed if it cannot be seen.

However, SEO is more than choosing the right keywords to include in your text. As of today, search engine optimization encompasses a wide range of concerns, from the usability of a website to its speed, mobile accessibility, and many other aspects.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a practical element in a company’s advertising toolbox, a rapidly expanding subset of digital marketing. You will create content and advertising strategies that encourage user interest and interaction on various social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Email Marketing

Even if social media marketing may receive more attention, email marketing is still a vitally important and lucrative part of contemporary business. With value for customers and engagement for the business, email marketing strengthens and extends commercial connections. It can increase sales by disseminating targeted material created to appeal to a brand’s customers’ needs and interests.

Content Marketing

Content marketers provide current, pertinent, and entertaining content that appeals to and engages consumers across all digital channels, from a company’s website to its social media accounts. But this information isn’t just a bunch of advertising copy. Whitepapers, articles, and other written content that positions a brand as a thought leader in its industry are frequently included in this type of marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization

A conversion rate optimization strategy aims to increase the proportion of website visitors and potential customers who purchase, fill out a form, or interact with a website. The phrase “conversion” refers to a website visitor completing a particular desired activity, such as entering their email address, making a purchase, or subscribing to a service.

A conversion rate optimization (CRO) specialist may design website flow and structure to improve conversion and interaction. Contrary to SEO, the main goal of conversion optimization isn’t to increase site traffic; instead, CRO experts strive to increase the value of each visitor interaction.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Driving organic traffic, visibility, and engagement from clients visiting your company’s website is a significant component of many of the specialties mentioned above. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing furthers this goal by using sponsored advertising. With PPC, a business may pay significant ad providers like Google or Facebook to display text or visual ads to attract searcher attention and ultimately generate sales.

is digital marketing a good career

How To Start A Career In Digital Marketing

You can learn these digital marketing skills for free online. You can also take courses on paid platforms online, especially if you are particular about being certified. Additionally, many digital marketers advise that a significant portion of your work will involve keeping up with emerging marketing trends because it’s a constantly changing industry. How do you start to build a career in this field? 

Build A Digital Marketing Portfolio

When you start as a digital marketer, practicing your talents by completing some practice projects is one of the finest ways to get expertise. Think about how you can deliberately increase your followers on your social media accounts, optimize your website for search, and display your SEO results.

Almost everyone requires assistance with digital marketing, so consider the people who could gain from your new knowledge. Although it could be better, working for no pay is a fantastic approach to achieving experience while studying.

Find A Digital Marketing Job

The majority of job sites list roles in digital marketing, but a few are expressly for digital marketers. You must prepare and practice your personal pitch before attending a job interview. 

When applying, provide more than just a cover letter and résumé; include a portfolio of your work. Show, don’t tell is a core principle of digital marketing, and you should also apply this philosophy to your job applications.[3] 

Make sure you write unique cover letters for each job, highlighting your qualifications and how they exactly match the role offered. Additionally, investigate the companies that most interest you before adding specific marketing suggestions to your cover letter and CV.

Career Change To Digital Marketing

Understanding digital marketing and its primary components are the obvious first step for those new to the field. There are many aspects of online promotion that are covered by its various elements. The digital marketing strategy may involve more than one procedure (channel), so you should be aware of this.

It’s a wise decision to begin a career in digital marketing. The need for digital marketing experts is growing globally, and the pay is good (depending on experience). You can work alone as a freelancer or join a digital marketing business.

Your top priority should be developing your talents if you are starting. In digital marketing, you cannot learn everything by taking a course and starting your career right away.

An expert in each of the disciplines of digital marketing is essential if you want to work in the field. By practicing on your website, you can master digital marketing in the best way possible. Start a blog, then start posting. After perfecting SEO, switch to Google Ads and Facebook marketing.

If you have the chance to work for a reputable digital marketing company, take it. Working with specialists on numerous projects will provide you with invaluable experience. To work for yourself or start your own digital marketing firm, you can start as a freelancer and gradually grow your clients and business.


A career in digital marketing has enormous career potential and is financially rewarding, creative, and enjoyable. Is digital marketing a good career? Of course, it is. There are many ways to succeed in the industry, regardless of what you want to learn. Examine all available educational choices, such as self-directed learning, boot camps, and college, to assist you in exploring your career options in this booming industry. If you like fashion you should also check fashion marketing.


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