Affordable Diamond Rings In 2023

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as Marilyn Monroe once famously opined,  affordable diamond rings must be one of her treasures. Shopping for an engagement ring is fun but can also be a little intimidating. There are so many alternatives, and with online shopping, you have more options than ever before. Undoubtedly, an engagement ring is one of the most enduring objects you will purchase.

It represents commitment and love that last forever. And when this time comes, everybody, as far as we know, has a budget. When it comes affordable real diamond engagement rings, you can find a wide range of choices. The diamond engagement ring of your fantasies need not come at the expense of elegance or beauty.

affordable diamond rings

Affordable Diamond Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a significant expenditure, so these are some things you should ask yourself before you decide where you should buy your engagement ring.

Which engagement ring design is best for you? If you want a diamond,  you must consider the cut. Should it be round, radiant, oval, emerald, square, or marquise?[1] You may be looking for a cheaper option, like a lab-grown diamond. Do you like the concept of a traditional setting? Or would you want to work with a designer one-on-one to make a custom ring? The essential query, perhaps, is, “what is your budget?”

Before looking around for an affordable diamond engagement ring, consider the budget you have in mind. There is no restriction on how much you must spend. Always be bold and tell a jeweler up front how much you have to spend when trying on jewelry. To assist you in locating the ideal ring design, the jeweler will work within your financial constraints.

Settings for Unusual Affordable Real Diamond Engagement Rings

Rings with distinctive designs may be the ideal choice if you’re on a tight budget and looking for an affordable diamond engagement ring. A ring with multiple tiny diamonds can be just what you’re looking for because larger diamonds are more costly! These diamond rings could have numerous diamonds in the pattern or a halo setting.

For instance, a solitary diamond is surrounded by sparkling lesser diamonds in a halo ring. This pattern gives the impression that the center stone is larger. Unique features like milgrain and filigree may also be present in multi-stone diamond engagement rings. These diamond rings are less expensive by design, yet they still have many “Wow!” factors.

A Gemstone Diamond Ring

A striking choice for an engagement ring is a vivid gemstone. You have a wide range of outstanding style alternatives thanks to the availability of hues. Think about an engagement ring with a cushion-cut red garnet and a diamond-studded 14K white gold band. Alternatively, you can get an amethyst engagement ring in 14K yellow gold studded with 1/4 ct tw diamonds.[2] Your budget and spouse can be ideal matches for a distinctive engagement ring stone.

Would you prefer a stone with a more conventional appearance as the focal point of your ring? Examples of reasonably priced, economically viable, and occasionally lab-created alternatives to classic diamond rings include white sapphires and lab-grown diamonds.

Affordable Engagement Rings Stores Payment Plans 

Selecting the ideal engagement ring is a significant undertaking for your budget. You desire access to a wide range of options and professional knowledge. Many jewelers are happy to provide varied financial options to support your purchase, whether it’s credit or installment financing.

Places To Find Affordable Diamond Engagement Rings Under $500

Blue Nile 

Blue Nile was a pioneer in the online affordable diamond rings industry when it launched more than 20 years ago in 1999. It is the world’s largest e-commerce shop of certified diamonds and fine jewelry. Blue Nile offers thousands of independently certified diamonds to choose from and brings high-quality GIA-graded diamonds straight to customers. It ensures a great deal on every stone purchased by cutting out the “middleman.” 

Prices are consequently substantially lower than those for traditional retail. For example, the company offers customers a Diamond Price-Match Guarantee. Whether you prefer to use the “Build Your Own Ring” tool, browse the “Ready-to-Ship” ring collection, or buy a loose stone, Blue Nile gives customers control over the jewelry buying experience. To help clients feel secure in their purchases, the brand offers comprehensive educational resources, specialized web tools, and expert support. 

The company offers year-round, round-the-clock client assistance. It has started offering virtual appointments to anyone who wants to learn more from the comfort of their own home. Blue Nile has showrooms in Salem, New Hampshire, Long Island, New York, Portland, Oregon, Fairfax County, Virginia, and Bellevue, Washington, if you prefer in-person assistance.


Etsy is the place to go if you want to find unusual and unconventional engagement jewelry. Choose a style that catches your eye and fits within your price range because the site has a whole section devoted to affordable diamond wedding rings.[3] Browse countless selections from reputable artists and merchants, including vintage-inspired morganite rings, traditional oval solitaire rings, and preowned styles rich in history. Check the payment plan alternatives, anticipated delivery date, and return policy. They will differ from shop to shop as each seller has unique shop policies.

affordable diamond engagement rings


Ritani is proof that a finely created engagement ring doesn’t have to be expensive, offering an astonishing range of budget-friendly shapes. By categorizing their rings by setting, Ritani makes it exceedingly simple to find their designs if you need help figuring out where to begin. Choose from eye-catching solitaires, three-stone designs, stunning vintage-inspired rings, and rings covered in small side stones. Once you’ve found a setting you like, you may narrow your search by price, center stone shape, metal, side stone, and delivery date if you’re in a hurry.

Ritani also offers custom-designed rings if that is more your style. Start by picking out a lab-grown or loose diamond acquired ethically, create your ring around it; or start with the setting and work your way out. In addition, Rianti has a unique budget tool feature. It allows you to create the ring of your dreams by responding to inquiries based on your budget, the cut, and the type of diamond. After you’ve made a list of the features you want, click “Show me my ring,” and Ritani will suggest rings for you.

Except for custom rings, Rianti offers a 30-day return period for all items and discrete packaging to make your proposal a surprise. Ritani additionally provides a diamond buyback program if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to return a personalized ring.


Since 1924, Zales has been referred to as “the diamond store” for a good reason: the merchant offers a vast array of affordable diamond wedding rings to fit every taste. Also, many gorgeous selections are available for shoppers on a budget. It does this because it is aware of the financial restrictions associated with purchasing an engagement ring, even though there is no such thing as a price for love!

Customers can shop for everything from traditional styles to current stacking suites and daring bands with the help of prominent wedding and engagement collections from Vera Wang LOVE, Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry, and Marilyn Monroe. There is also a wide selection of dramatic and highly extravagant rings for individuals who crave loads of bling and glamour. Zales uses a selection of lab-created diamonds and gemstones in addition to ethically sourced metals and stones. Additionally, clients can browse pre-set ring styles or create designs.

Additionally, it offers a 24/7 online concierge service where consumers may inquire about financing alternatives and other matters before purchasing the engagement ring of their dreams.

You can choose to have your item delivered directly to your door. It typically takes up to 2 business days to have your engagement ring shipped to a nearby Zales shop, which takes around 3 business days. Within 60 days of the original purchase date, online items may be returned or exchanged in good condition at any Zales location or by mail. Refund processing could take up to 30 days, so keep that in mind.


Today, it is easier and more convenient to find quality, beautiful affordable diamond rings from the comfort of your home with the click of a button.  Consideration should be given to the budget when making a choice.  Armed with the knowledge in this article, you can now find that affordable diamond ring of your choice- your very own treasure for years to come. You can also check handbags trends.


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