Sewage Cleaning Services

Call sewage cleaning services immediately if you’re experiencing sewer backups, overflow, or even a clogged drain. Calling a professional sewage cleaning service saves you both time and money because they have the tools and knowledge to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. 

Experiencing a sewage backup or overflow—for example—can be damaging to your home and dangerous to your health. Blocked wastewater pipes can cause significant destruction to your home, and the water contains viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that cause serious illnesses. When wastewater blocks your pipes, sewage water can overflow and contaminate clean water. These bacteria could affect your water, which puts you at risk of getting infected with hepatitis A, giardia, tetanus, and other illnesses. Therefore, calling in the experts with specialized training not only saves your home but also your health by safely clearing the drains. In this article, we will examine the types of sewage cleaning services.

Sewage Cleaning Services
Sewage Cleaning Services

Sewage Problem Causes

But first, you should know what causes sewage backups or overflows.

There are various reasons why your sewage can back up into or flow from your sinks, tubs, bathrooms, and floors, but the common causes are the following:

  • Broken or collapsed sewer lines
  • Clogged pipes
  • Items flushed down the drain
  • Pipe collapses
  • Root infiltration
  • Sewer main blockages 
  • Tree root intrusion

Out of the list, the most common cause is clogged pipes because it could be caused by the buildup of soap, grease, and other debris. Tree roots can enter sewer lines and cause blockages. Broken or collapsed sewer lines could also result in a blockage, and lastly, a sewer main blockage can occur when debris like leaves dirt, or even concrete blocks the main sewer line.
You might notice that the water coming out could be clear, but don’t let the clarity fool you because that water can contain germs and bacteria that are harmful to your well-being. Sewage cleaning services identify three types of contaminated water:

Category I

This is when water comes from a clean source, such as a broken water supply line or a leaking faucet. But, if left untreated, this water can turn into category II or III depending on the length of time left untreated, temperature, and contact with surrounding contaminants.

Category II

Is when washing machine water flow, dishwasher water flow, or toiler water flow contains some urine, but no feces contaminates clean water. This water may contain bacteria and viruses and can quickly turn into category III If left untreated.

Category III

This is a grossly level of contaminated water and can cause severe illness or even death if accidentally ingested. You should avoid any contact with this water. Category III water is water from flooding rivers or streams, from harsh chemicals, from the toilet bowl with feces, or from standing water that contains microbes (untreated sewage).

Sewage Backup Cleaning Services
Sewage Backup Cleaning Services 

Types of Sewage Cleaning Services

There are various types of sewage cleaning services, with each specializing in cleaning a specific component of the sewage system. Below is the list of three types of sewage cleaning services that you should be aware of, so you know which to call in case of an emergency.

Sewage Backup Cleaning Services 

As mentioned above, you can call sewage backup cleaning services when you experience water backup—water leaking into your basement, floors, tubs, bathrooms, and more. Call them

Sewage Line or Pipe Cleaning Services 

You can use sewage line services or sewage pipe services. You can call them to assist you with clogged indoor and outdoor drains. These services include repairing clogged kitchen drains, clogged bathroom drains, clogged basement drains, and clogged sewer drains. 

Clogged kitchen drains are caused by soap buildup, grease, food, and fats. Bathroom clogging is caused by hair, soap buildup, toothpaste, toilet paper, and other bathroom products. Clogged basement drains are caused by dirt and debris. And as for clogged sewer drains, they’re caused by your home’s gray and black water to the sewer, so any blockages can cause significant problems.

Sewage Tank Cleaning Services

You can call them when you’re experiencing issues with your septic tank. For the sake of minimizing damage to your health and home, call sewage tank cleaning services for annual cleanups.

It’s important to keep an eye on your septic tank because the wastewater from your home goes into the septic tanks through the drain lines. These tanks contain anaerobic bacteria that decompose the waste discharged into the tank. They are constructed in such a way that the heavier wastes settle at the bottom and mix with the soil below, forming a layer of sludge. Issues arise when there’s no more room and the wastewater begins to clog the soil, which can lead to various health issues along with bad odor and damaged sewage system. So, take advantage of sewage tank cleaning services to empty our tank and properly dispose of the contents. 

Sewage Cleanup Solution

Don’t put your health and property at risk when you experience these problems. Call the professionals and save yourself the hassle. The same goes with chimney cleaning services.


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