Deck Building Jobs

Deck the year with success with deck building jobs!  Jobs in deck building may be the perfect career with which to start the year 2023! Deck building is craftsmanship because deck builders need to have carpenter skills to be hired. If you have experience in construction and wood manufacturing, you should seriously consider getting into deck building. To be successful in the job requires you to have an eye for detail and the ability to read blueprints. Of course, you need other skills—which we will discuss in detail later—to be able to perform your job. This article will mainly examine what deck builders do and the top two jobs available on the market. 

Deck Building Jobs
Deck Building Jobs

What Do Deck Builders Do?

A deck builder is a skilled carpenter specializing in building outdoor decks for residential and commercial properties. As a deck builder, you will be responsible for procuring materials (wood and other essential materials) to create the deck’s framing and meticulously piecing the parts together, so that the finished product is safe to use and visually appealing. As previously mentioned, a deck builder also needs to know how to read blueprints for the deck. A deck builder is expected to interact with clients, so soft skills like communication, interpersonal skills, and negotiation are qualities that will help with assessing the client’s needs. Other responsibilities include using the right tools for cutting, building, and measuring materials, as well as polishing the deck. In some managerial positions, a deck builder is expected to know how to bid a deck building job.

Deck Builder Jobs

$40,028 (or $19 per hour) is the annual national salary for deck builder jobs in the US. But the salary of a deck builder can go up high to $63,000 per year. Therefore, there is an opportunity for growth in this field and the top deck builder jobs can pay high. Below is the list of the top two jobs in the market for the year 2023.

Product Designer

Product designers are responsible for creating design concepts and overseeing the entire product creation process. They communicate with clients to ensure that the project meets their needs and expectations. Ultimately, product designers are responsible for defining and discovering the problem, drawing ideas to determine the best one suited for the product, finalizing the blueprint, and communicating the plans effectively.

Deck Installer/Trainer

This is a diverse job that requires various sets of skills. A deck installer/trainer is responsible for training new contractors and making sure that the decks are built to specifications. This job tends to fall within the managerial category as it requires the person to train and oversee the work. Aside from this main responsibility, the deck installer/trainer has other duties, which include assisting with building decks, conducting repairs on decks when previous customers need them, interacting with customers, and coordinating with the team to maintain quality service and meet the client’s expectations. 

Deck Building As a Career

Bring out the artist in you as a deck builder. Become a professional and advance in your career to create stunning decks that your customers will rave to their families and neighbors. You can also work in construction if you have the set of skills mentioned in this article. You can read here about entry level construction jobs.


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