Welding Jobs Salary

Welding jobs salary may surprise you more than you think! You can make $100,000 a year without having to go into the corporate world! Welding career is a hands-on job that has great potential—the top jobs offer the most competitive wages, amazing benefits, and career stability. In the United States alone there are more than three million welding professionals. A career in welding allows you to travel and work outside. However, the right welding job allows you to break into the six-figure salary range and work on your schedule. So, if you’re considering becoming a welder, here are the top welder jobs in 2022, and the salary range you should expect.

Welding Job Salary

While the national average for a welding job salary is $41,710, which is approximately $18.75 per hour for a 40-hour workweek. There is a growing demand for welders according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). BLS estimates that welding is going to see an increase in demand for the coming years—precisely a 13% increase in demand up to the year 2026. There are high-paying welding jobs that provide better opportunities in terms of wages than the indicated national average. Welder wages depend on certain factors, such as education level, skill level, previous work experience, and location. Some of these high-paying welding jobs are in industries like construction, manufacturing, and aerospace with about 95% of welders working in manufacturing. When it comes to the jobs themselves, below is the list of the top five welding jobs.

Welding Jobs Salary
Welding Jobs

Types of Welding Jobs And Salary

A welding job is a career full of opportunities for growth. The more skilled you are, the higher the chances of you earning a six-figure salary. The wages of the jobs listed below are the average wages, so depending on your level of experience and education, you may earn more.

Oil Rig Welder—$77000 Per Year

Some of the highest-paid welders, oil rig welders earn on average about $77,000 per year. Oil Companies only hire the top welders for this sought-after position because highly-skilled welders are less likely to make mistakes, especially in a type of job where a mistake can be disastrous. The job also often demands working long hours under challenging conditions, so the job is more suited for those who are already used to working in such conditions. To qualify, candidates for this type of job need to have years of experience and multiple certifications. Since oil rigs are offshore, most welders will have to live on the rig they service and work 12 hours long. 

Underwater Welder—$54000 Per Year

While underwater welders earn about $54000 per year, the top ten percent make closer to $85000 per year. Underwater welders need special training in addition to an underwater welder certification to perform the job. They also need to be certified commercial divers, understand barometric pressure, and operate a decompression chamber. Underwater welders perform either wet or dry welding. Wet welding means the welder works submerged underwater using special tools, whereas the latter consists of working within a closed, oxygen-filled, hyperbaric underwater chamber.

Industrial Pipeline Welder—$63000 Per Year

Industrial pipeline welders install and maintain pipelines in all kinds of environments using various welding techniques and equipment. They typically work in extreme weather conditions and long hours. Extreme weather conditions include places like the limb-numbing cold winters of Alaska, the scorching heat of the desert, the oppressive humidity of swamps, and so on. 

While most industrial pipeline welders earn $63000 annually, some of the more skilled welders earn as high as $135000.

Welding Engineer—$83,000 Per Year

You need a bachelor’s degree and certification through the American Welding Society if you want to become a welding engineer. A welding engineer is responsible for keeping tabs on the latest trade advancements in welding, enhancing the company’s efficiency by incorporating new techniques, and improving the quality of the organization. 

Combo Welder—$59000 Per Year

Combo welders are trained in multiple welding techniques and know how to work with various types of steel and alloys, which is why they are usually hired for construction work where they help with welding beams and other structural components. Combo welders are highly valued and versatile because they also know how to use different tools and equipment.

welding job salary
Welding Job Type

Welding Career Prospect

Out of the different welding jobs and salary with which they’re offered, choose the one that’s right for you! Remember that you can earn more in a career that’s highly in demand. 


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