Photography Colleges Online

Photography colleges online are available for budding photographers to memorialize moments in time through their images by transforming the mundane through lighting, composition, color, and editing. A profession in photography demands creativity, technical know-how, and business savvy. Professional photographers can get the abilities they need to compete in the global market through an online bachelors in photography. 

After graduating, a graduate of this program can pursue careers as independent contractors, studio proprietors, and photographers for magazines and advertising agencies. Some may pursue careers as fine art or fashion photographers. Others might opt to work in photojournalism or forensics. PayScale reports that as of July 2021, graduates with a bachelor of arts in photography made an average yearly salary of roughly $54,860. Top earners reported annual salaries of more than $106,000.

Photography Colleges Online

Photography Online Colleges

The appropriate education and training are required to become a photographer. Choosing the best online photography college classes and school helps personalize professional goals because most photographers work independently and in specific fields of photography. Take lessons that will prepare you for this particular vocation if you intend to work as a wedding photographer. Thankfully, even in specialized photography fields, online degree programs and classes are available. 

For many aspiring photographers, this online degree is worthwhile. Although not all photographers complete a bachelor’s degree in the field, those who do can gain the most recent technical and professional abilities necessary for success.[1]

Professions In Photography 

These are some career paths you can follow with a degree in photography. 

Commercial Photographer 

Advertising photographers may work for publishers, design studios, or marketing businesses. They produce the images utilized in advertising campaigns. Depending on the industry, they might photograph people, things, places, or models. These experts require expertise in target audiences and brand understanding. 

Flying Cameraman 

Drone photographers may work in the private sector, photographing landscapes and structures for real estate and construction firms and for governmental organizations. Additionally growing in popularity is this style of photography at concerts and other special occasions, like weddings. The Federal Aviation Administration requires a license for drone operators who are photographers. 

Stylistic Photographer 

Fashion photographers capture images that showcase models and the attire they are wearing. They could work as freelancers or for fashion periodicals or designers. Setting up the lighting and venue, suggesting poses, retouching shots, and ensuring that images represent the business are all regular duties. 


News photographers and photojournalists capture images and recordings of noteworthy local or international events. These photographers could work as independent contractors or for periodicals, newspapers, or websites. These photographers can capture images of sporting events, political news articles, or investigative pieces. 

Portrait Photographer

These photographers specialize in portraiture and capture images of individuals and groups of people in their studio or outdoors, like at a client’s house. Some of these experts also photograph weddings, schools, and household pets. Others are experts in taking headshots of writers, businesspeople, models, and actors.

Photography online colleges are there to familiarize photographers with the fundamentals of their craft, such as composition, exposure, and lighting, even if each profession has its unique procedures.[2] 

Is A Photography Bachelor’s Degree Worthwhile? 

The job market is competitive for photographers. According to the BLS, there may be an increase in demand for workers who use new technology, such as drone photography. Both commercial photographers who work in advertising and marketing and portrait photographers should experience continuous demand. 

Online photography college classes equip graduates with a bachelor’s degree in photography, enabling them to work in publishing, broadcasting, and portrait studios. Many focus on particular areas of photography, including portrait, landscape, documentary, and fine art. PayScale reports that as of July 2021, graduates with a bachelor of fine arts in photography made an average yearly salary of roughly $58,240.

online photography college classes

Accredited Online Colleges For Photography 

A college education is one of the most significant expenditures you can make. The best online colleges for photography include the Academy of Arts University, California, American Intercontinental University, and Arizona State University, to mention a few.[3]  

Since photography is such a diverse field, many programs offer specializations that let students focus their studies on a particular subject. A few potential concentrations are listed below. 

Each student’s artistic growth and understanding of how to utilize a camera to produce art are the main topics of the fine art photography concentration. 

Photographic Reporting 

This concentration teaches students how to photographically document current events and use their images to communicate narratives. 

Business Photography 

This study looks at advertising photography and how to produce compelling images that stimulate consumer demand. 


In class, students study both indoor and outdoor lighting. They can learn the necessary techniques for balancing natural and artificial light and how to use illumination and shadow to draw attention to an object’s essential features. Advanced digital retouching, setting the right ambiance, and lighting applications for set design are all addressed in this course. 

Visual Narrative 

This course examines how to convey a story using lighting, composition, and viewpoint. Students can learn how to introduce the unexpected, establish an atmosphere and narrative that evokes an emotional response, and conjure up enduring imagery. Storyboarding fundamentals and strategies for connecting with the target audience should are included as additional course subjects


Photography colleges online course teaches students how to view the world through a camera. It discusses background and framing ideas. Additionally, rules and methods are taught to students. The golden ratio, the Fibonacci spiral, coherence, and negative space are a few examples. Students can better understand Earth’s natural designs through visual exercises. 

Accounting Procedures for Photography 

Students can study the craft of self-promotion in this course, including how to establish and grow their brand and attract a growing customer. Portfolio development, fundamentals of accounting, and marketing tactics are some of the course subjects. Students also study the business’s legal facets, including how to license works and complete release forms. 


The field of photography is highly competitive. A strong imagination, attention to detail, patience, and a love of the arts are frequently necessary for success in this career. Photography colleges online are one of the best ways to upskill or pivot into a new career path as a photographer. A world of opportunities is available to those choosing to take a photography course online.


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