Data Analytics is Booming: Reasons to Get a Degree Online?

Data science is a golden ticket to any business, including fashion, beauty, finance, technology, and medicine. Every industry needs data to function properly! As a result, data analyst jobs are incredibly popular, with beginning wages of $70,000 per year in the United States. Data analytics degree allows you to step into a promising and versatile field and, moreover, can be learned readily online.

Uncertain about your future career? Many people are taking advantage of this possibility to finish data analytics courses, certifications, or even degrees totally online in order to expand their skills and increase their income!

data analyst analyzing data and dashboards

Advantages of Learning Data Analytics

Among the advantages of learning data analytics are:

1) High need for data analytics specialists

The processed data is indeed impractical when it cannot be processed without particular skills. However, with more companies willing to invest time and money in training, career prospects in data management and analytics have expanded. This is clearly depicted in the job trend graph from Indeed, which shows a consistent increase in job possibilities in this area. [1]

2) Satisfactory reward

The high demand for staff with skills in data analytics has resulted in an increase in salaries for qualified specialists. In 2015, the yearly median income for data scientists was $130,000. The salary increase for data analytics specialists demonstrates rapid growth.

Reasons to Study Data Analytics

Some of the incentives for learning data analytics are the following:

1) Job opportunities in a variety of industries

Almost all companies now rely on data to make decisions. As a result, data analysts can find work in a wide range of other fields. Higher education, finance, sales, business intelligence, data assurance, and data quality are some of the areas that employ data specialists. [2]

2) Data affect changes in the world

Several areas of the economy have demonstrated the power of data analytics. Some non-governmental organizations, for example, employ artificial intelligence to raise funds. They gather and analyze data from their supporters in order to forecast and target activities that are appealing to their funders.

In sports as well, data analytics plays a significant role. Bayern Munich, for example, structures its game strategy using analytic data. In the 2014 World Cup, the football club gained a competitive advantage over other teams by employing sports analytics software to learn about their opponents’ performance, passing speed, placement, and other factors. The data about opposition teams was sent to all players through a smartphone app.

3) Improve your critical-thinking skills

Data analytics is primarily concerned with making solutions. However, the problems can be on a wider scale. Data analysts work with raw data to come to an essential conclusion. The ability to examine and deal with problems correctly is a valuable skill in today’s world and generally in everyday life.

4) Excellent freelance opportunity

Learning data analytics is a great alternative for people who wish to work as consultants in prominent companies around the world. As the work is mostly IT-related, you can work from anywhere with a strong internet connection. You can also promote your knowledge by taking several online courses.

5) Make decisions become easier

Analytics is a significant aspect of decision-making since it provides managers with a valuable competitive resource. Learning data analytics makes you unique in a business or company. Data analysts are an essential component of every corporate policy, providing insightful information through the implementation of future initiatives. That is why it is indeed a rewarding career.

Where Can You Learn Data Analytics?

Data analytics courses are suggested in several schools around the USA. The Master’s program is more popular than the undergraduate and doctoral options. Data science at an undergraduate level is provided only in a few colleges. Some of them are:

  • Data science bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Columbia University. The four-year program will set you back about $244,260. [3]
  • BSc in Data Science, Statistics, Pre-Master and Masters in Data Science are all offered at MIT. Additionally, it is a four-year program that costs $219,328. [4]


Analytics is undoubtedly not only the way to the future but also the way to the present. Almost every industry, from aviation to predictive maintenance analyses in industrial sectors, embraces data science. With the data analytics business growing, learning these skills is not only lucrative but also essential, as their significance is growing as more industries follow suit. You can also check out bookkeeping job.


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