Security Guard Career In 2023

Depending on where they are employed, a security guard career assists in protecting various valuable items. Suppose you decide to work for an apartment building. In that case, you’ll be tasked with protecting the occupants of the building, such as a jewelry store.

There is no restriction on who or what type of company needs a security guard. Work is available almost everywhere. Many businesses experience theft problems, and some even see repeated violent incidents. Other businesses like to have a security officer to help them deal with customers who don’t obey the regulations. You can see that everyone needs them.

A large event or location may require x-ray and metal detector equipment. You’ll need to operate and inspect that equipment in these scenarios. You may become a security guard for a particular person.

security guard career

Security Guard Career Path

To work as a security guard, you usually require a high school diploma or equivalent, followed by training from your employer. You don’t need a college degree to perform this. Your training level and the training period’s length may vary depending on the job itself and the employer’s demands. For instance, security guards with firearms typically receive weapons training, unlike unarmed guards.[1] Depending on the role, security workers may also need to complete CPR training, active shooter training, or other requirements.

You must also adhere to the applicable laws where you operate because each state has its regulations, training, and licensing requirements for security professionals.

Certain jurisdictions require what is known as a ‘guard card’ in the security profession, which is a license or certification to get employment as a security officer. Some states require periodic renewals of licenses. However, the frequency truly depends on the local and state regulations in that area.

Top Skills For A Security Guard Career

You want your resume’s skills section to accurately represent your abilities because it could be almost as significant as the experience section. If you want to get the job and succeed at it, you need certain skills. You know what to work on even if you don’t possess them. 


It relates to your capacity to share information with others. You must have outstanding verbal and written communication abilities to succeed as a security guard. You can use your verbal communication skills to diffuse tensions and discuss security with clients. Similarly, it can be useful when describing people or events to law enforcement or communicating with coworkers. You need written communication skills to prepare police reports, fire alarm paperwork, and reminder letters. Attending to visitors, building owners, and coworkers is also part of effective communication.


An individual who pays attention to details can pay attention to the details of their work. Awareness of security incidents is necessary for a security guard career. Maintaining focus, recalling events, and producing accurate reports will all be easier if you are proactive and pay attention to details.

Physical Fitness

Your physical fitness is a top priority. A person’s physical fitness relates to their ability to perform daily tasks efficiently, effectively, and with endurance. It is easier to perform the demanding security guard job if you are physically healthy.[2] As an example, you might usually wander around structures or locations. Additionally, if you see someone breaking the law, you may need to pursue them. Your stamina and physical fitness can be increased through exercise.

Customer Service

Customer service is all about helping clients achieve their goals. This shows how you communicate with your clients. Interacting with clients is one of your responsibilities as a security guard. For instance, a business might offer instructions on how to conduct passenger security checks. Customer service may help guide people to an event’s security protocols or direct visitors to a building.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to evaluate a situation objectively and draw conclusions. These traits are necessary to assess security threats at work and make decisions based on logic rather than emotions. 


Teamwork refers to the ability to work together to accomplish a common goal. Even though security guards usually work alone, you may have to collaborate with others. Security guards, for example, might transport cash to banks. Teamwork may be beneficial to monitor multiple buildings or activities from many monitors. Besides maintaining focus throughout shifts, this skill requires keeping an eye on a location when a partner takes a break or when colleagues move around. As you become more adept at protecting people and property, your ability to work in a team will improve.


Finding a workable solution to an issue and figuring out where it came from are both aspects of problem-solving. You can handle security-related concerns successfully if you have this competence. For instance, you can take a case of mistaken identity by using your problem-solving abilities. Investigating to find missing people can be made easier with problem-solving skills.


Your ability to use various technologies to execute tasks is referred to as your technical skills. Your employer might use electronic surveillance equipment. The ability to use them is essential for security guards. You will need to keep an eye on alarm systems and activities. It is also possible that you would need to create reports, submit electronic incident reports, and retrieve client data from a database. You might need to use x-ray scanners to find forbidden things while performing this job. Increasing your technical proficiency can improve how you protect people and property and make you more employable.


Having organizational abilities means you can make good use of your resources. Being organized is advantageous for documentation. For instance, being organized makes it easier to find older reports for reference.

security guard career path

Security Guard Career Advancement

What are your career goals as a security guard? Security officers work in numerous settings, including retail establishments, offices, and industrial environments. There may be much time spent by guards patrolling buildings and grounds or sitting still for long periods, such as at a guardhouse at the entrance to a gated community.[3] Some people might spend much time driving about the property and grounds on patrol.

An entry-level position in the security sector can provide you with many profitable career options. Like every profession, security has developed to the point that it has a variety of application domains. Every one of these areas has the potential to provide you with opportunities.

Armed Guard

Special constables are found at post-secondary campuses, public transit hubs, courts, and correctional facilities, among other places. Municipalities or cities frequently hire special constables to execute laws or by-laws in a specific region. 

Border Security

Picture being your country’s first line of defense! A job in this field offers incomparable prestige and benefits in addition to a high level of connection with the general public and other criminal justice organizations.

Private Security Advisor

You can become a private security consultant by starting as a security guard. You can achieve this if you truly have the knack for physical security and build the proper kind of reputation through the network of the security industry.

Correctional Officer

Correctional officers are crucial to the development of our neighborhood. Become a correctional officer to help those who have been convicted or are awaiting trial receive successful rehabilitation. After law enforcement, ex-security guards’ next most desired profession is a correctional officer.

Fire Safety Professionals

Even a small fire can cause considerable property damage and even fatalities. Fire protection specialists have to specialize in identifying fire dangers and reducing them. Fire services are in high demand, as are professionals who can foresee disasters and prevent them from happening.

Private Investigator Or Detective

Being a private investigator is the best option if you have the innate talent, inquisitive mind, and curiosity to piece together complex facts and events. However, in some regions, you may also need a private investigator license, a different license that can be combined with a security guard license.[4] In that scenario, you might consider getting a “dual license” instead, just in case you want to keep that option open.

Upper-Level Security Management Roles

Any private security company has a management team running the company and supervising the operation. While on duty, security guards follow orders from managers throughout the security firm. Having experience as a security guard is a need for joining the management team. You can join the leadership team, provided you have the necessary attitude, character, and credentials.

Is A Security Guard A Good Career

In a nutshell, a security guard career is unquestionable! A career as a security guard can lead to countless opportunities. Plan, though, and do your best to match your interests and skills to choose the optimal course of action.


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