Screwless Dental Implants In 2023

Have you heard about screwless dental implants? Most dental implants are expensive, time-consuming, and require ongoing maintenance, and many dentists have been hesitant to utilize them. These problems usually occur when screws attach the crown to the implant, the abutment to the crown, or both. With a screwless implant system, implant dentistry may become easier to get, more flexible, and easier to add to all general dental clinics.

Traditionally, the two successful methods for retention between the crown and abutment during implant repair have been screw-retained or cement-retained. Both techniques have been tried and are reliable; they have many benefits and sometimes drawbacks. But now there is a third option, and it’s a game-changer.

screwless dental implants

Tooth Implant Without Screw

Screwless implant procedures aim to employ zirconium or porcelain teeth in the gums without needing screws.[1] Osteointegration is accomplished with screwless implants. This option uses friction retention rather than cement or screws to attach the crown and cap to the abutment, and owing to the special Fixation Tool; it just takes a few seconds. These exceptional restorations are very precise, without concrete, simple to put, biologically motivated, and economically viable; in other words, a winner. This method can be used to erase your loss of teeth completely. As a result, patients can go about their daily lives without feeling the loss of their teeth and effortlessly chew their meals.

There is no cementation in the patient’s mouth and no leftover cement to clean around the implant collar. It’s so because the final crown is glued onto the cap extra-orally and with friction between the abutment and cap providing the retention. Handling outside the mouth makes the entire process simpler and safer. There are no screw holes and long-term stability with friction retention because the crown does not need to be screwed onto the abutment.

The Difference Between The Screwed And Screwless Dental Implants

Normal (screwed) and screwless implant treatment options are separated into two categories:

Normal Implant Treatment

Also known as screw implant treatment, it is the practice of inserting screw roots into the jawbone to serve as anchors for replacement teeth. After the treatment, patients develop an artificial tooth root. The patient’s mouth must have missing teeth to undergo this treatment. After some time has passed since the screw root application, patients are prepared for artificial teeth. The majority of individuals respond well to this therapy strategy. Patients whose jawbones are ineligible for such treatment may need additional surgical procedures.[2]

Treatment With Screwless Implants

The cavity is filled with titanium implant material that is not screwed to the jawbone. This procedure avoids the potential for prosthetic displacement or gradual screw loosening.

tooth implant without screw

Advantages Of The Screwless Dental Implants

Boosted Patient Satisfaction

This approach has various benefits for the patient. The more convenient and efficient the treatment is made to be, the more satisfied patients are. There is a lower chance of biological issues without screws or cement, particularly the risk of peri-implantitis, which studies believe is brought on by too much cement.

Faster Procedure

Due to the final restoration taking only a few seconds as opposed to 10-15 minutes utilizing conventional techniques, patients spend less time in the chair. Once the connected crown and cap have been set on the abutment, a special tool is needed to secure them. Aside from making things easier for patients, this also improves lab workflow and frees up clinicians’ time so they can treat more patients.

Accuracy And Usability

Despite being tightly set, the crown may always be removed for extra-oral cleaning, maintenance, or adjustments if necessary and then secured with a single click.

 Lasting Effects

With significant improvements in science and technology, the screwless dental implant is constantly improving.[3] This guarantees better long-term outcomes, making the procedure simpler and more effective.


Screwless dental implants are fast gaining popularity for their ease, convenience, and effectiveness. If you’re considering this procedure, research and ask your dentist if this procedure is right for you. And when you’re done with your screwless dental implant, show off your new smile.


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