MBA Degree Online For You In 2023

You may advance your career with a simple and affordable MBA degree online. The online MBA is one of the most popular graduate business degrees that fosters the development of advanced management and leadership skills. Professionals wishing to better careers, change sectors, or launch businesses frequently enroll in online MBA programs. Obtaining an MBA online offers a quick and economical option for ambitious professionals.

The average cost of an online MBA at a top-ranked program is between $60,000 and $80,000. However, some institutions charge more than $200,000. Online MBA programs are widely accessible and could be more economical than on-campus alternatives. Numerous top business schools in the country provide online accelerated MBA programs with fixed or in-state tuition costs.

Graduates with an online MBA can be eligible for senior management positions in the sectors of their choice and a sizable return on investment.

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What Are MBA Degree Online Programs?

Most online MBA curricula teach the business skills that top employers are most looking for. The first year of most MBA programs includes fundamental management, marketing, and finance courses. Additionally, MBAs incorporate optionally and specialty courses, with a strategic management capstone as the final product.

Schools may offer executive, flex, or eMBA programs full- or part-time. Each format has benefits and drawbacks depending on learning preferences and professional objectives[1]. Typically, a practicum and/or summer internship are required for all MBA programs. Some courses provide elective international experiences.

What Is The Time Frame For An Online MBA?

Depending on the school’s structure, prior experience, and reputation, online MBA degrees often require 30 to 60 credits[2]. Two to three years is the average length of an online MBA program. Even though some online programs provide quicker paths to graduation, they demand the same commitment and sophisticated time management abilities as a traditional school.

How Do Online MBAs Work?

Even though earning an MBA is expensive, the return on investment is outstanding. MBA graduates claim to earn tens of thousands of dollars more annually than those without the degree. Graduates who changed occupations after earning their MBA quadrupled their income.

MBAs can be useful for both career changers and seasoned workers. For instance, students who want to start their own business or advance to a corporate executive position are excellent candidates for a general MBA. Others already have business expertise and can consider getting an MBA in a particular subject to change employment.

Before enrolling, students should consider whether to pursue an MBA. Most candidates go for a mid-career MBA to boost their earnings and career options. Entry-level employees in lucrative professions, such as those in the computer or IT industries, may choose to forgo an MBA in favor of a more straightforward graduate certificate or management course.

Strong traditional academic foundations underpin highly ranked programs, which are determined by the caliber of incoming students, graduation rates, and instructor certifications. Additionally, they are excellent at educating remote learners while offering strong financial and professional support.

Gaining Admission For MBA Online Degree

For a while, applying to a prominent graduate business school required passing the GMAT. Many business schools now give prospective students’ overall qualifications more consideration than just a set of test results acquired over a short period of time. The undergraduate GPA, professional work experience, and interest in school and community organizations are all taken into account by the online MBA admissions committees. 

Several online MBA programs now don’t require applicants to take the GMAT, while others offer GMAT waivers based on specific requirements. After completing one of these programs, which continues to provide a demanding curriculum, you may be eligible for a promotion or wage increase.

The advantages of a GMAT exemption are numerous for candidates. Who wants to pay $250 to take an exam or spend months preparing when they have already worked in a professional corporate environment for years in the real world? Most students can avoid the stress of the difficult GMAT by applying to one of these esteemed business programs. These online MBA schools recognize and appreciate that professionals are busy adults with many obligations, and they provide more valuable options in recognition of this. 

Many of these programs have a variety of start dates throughout the year and allow for rolling admissions. Instead of just taking practice GMAT exams and prep classes, mini-accelerated semesters could enable you to work toward your degree in as little as a few weeks. Suppose you are getting ready to apply to an online MBA school, you may start working on crafting compelling essays, soliciting references and letters of recommendation from current and former employers, and refining your resume—all of which could be used to land your next dream job as well. Admissions committees are simply thinking about applicants differently; they are in no way decreasing their requirements.

What’s Better, A General MBA Or A Specialized MBA?

Students may wonder if a general or specialized MBA suits their professional objectives. Both MBA programs develop fundamental business abilities, but a focused MBA offers a comprehensive education in a single subject, like finance or entrepreneurship. A focused MBA is best suited for students who want to enter or change employment in a particular subfield.

Others might favor the general MBA’s broader business curriculum, which has applications in a more extensive range of management professions. Many specialty MBA programs offer faster programs and require work experience in the student’s chosen industry for admission. In contrast, general MBA programs typically take two to three years to complete.

Which MBA Program—Online Or On-Campus—Is Better?

It may be challenging to decide whether to pursue an MBA on campus or online. Compared to on-campus MBA schools, they could have encountered widespread misunderstandings concerning online MBA programs. Fortunately, several prestigious universities now provide MBAs online, raising the program’s legitimacy.

Comparing an online MBA school to an on-campus one can help you be more adaptable. In an online MBA program, students might worry that they will get less one-on-one time with the instructors. However, professors often set aside virtual office hours and promote communication among distant learners. Online MBA programs could have defined tuition costs and full- or part-time enrollment options.

Which Online MBA Program Should I Choose?


One of the main factors for admission for students is the expense of an MBA. The cost of tuition for MBA applicants depends on an array of elements, including location and reputation. As of 2016–2017, the average graduate tuition was $24,712 for private universities and $11,617 for public institutions, according to the National Center for Education Statistics[3].

Program Structure

Schools may provide hybrid, online, or on-campus MBA programs. Programs frequently provide customizable alternatives, allowing students to attend full- or part-time or complete their coursework entirely online.

Many online MBA programs accept cohort groups, and accelerated schedules are available. Schools can offer online courses live or on-demand, synchronously or asynchronously, at any time.


While distance learning is a perk of online MBA programs, some may still have on-campus residency requirements[4]. Additionally, institutions could provide surrounding students with special professional advantages, including on-campus networking, internships, or post-graduation job placement chances with neighboring businesses.

Career Possibilities

Whether delivered on campus or online, the top MBA programs maximize students’ job options after graduation. Students should consider a school’s career resources before applying, such as if it has a solid post-MBA employment rate and directly engages with recruiters.

Accreditation For Programs

A growing number of MBA programs earn programmatic accreditation and institutional accreditation to demonstrate that they meet the highest standards of business education and professional preparation. Candidates with MBA and business accreditation can stand out in this highly competitive industry.

mba degree online
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Best Accredited Online MBA Programs

Indiana University–Bloomington (Kelley)

There is a requirement to submit a GMAT or GRE score when applying for Indiana University-(Kelley) Bloomington’s online MBA program. Although exceptions are possible. The average GMAT score and undergraduate GPA of incoming students were 668 and 3.41, respectively. Last year, 35% of applicants were accepted into the public university’s online program. With 1,738 online MBA students enrolled, the institution had a 98% retention rate in 2021. To graduate, prospective students must earn 54 credits and submit their applications by June 1, 2023.

When they first enroll, 100% of students are already working. There have been recordings and storage of all online classes for these programs. This online MBA program has earned accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the benchmark for business school accreditation.

With the help of 50% elective coursework, Kelley Direct enables highly qualified working individuals to obtain the prestigious Kelley MBA. Aside from the inherent flexibility of an online program, students can complete it in 2-4 years. They receive instruction from the same Kelley faculty that oversee the highly regarded full-time and part-time MBA programs.

North Carolina State University Poole College Of Management – Raleigh, North Carolina

North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management delivers an excellent education at an affordable price for students enrolling in its online MBA program. Students have flexible alternatives with the opportunity to pursue engagements and get cost-effective tuition with the ease of finishing courses online. A successful core curriculum, a clear path to graduation, and flexible scheduling are features North Carolina State students appreciate. It allows working professionals to work on their schedule or based on group convenience rather than planned lectures. 

The esteemed AACSB accredits this highly regarded program. Only two three-day Raleigh residencies are necessary for this flexible 40-hour degree, and the other coursework is available entirely online. Students can take up to six years or a 21-month expedited format. There are concentrations available in technology entrepreneurship and commercialization, biosciences management, financial management, innovation management, marketing management, and supply chain management. In business education, North Carolina State is regarded as a leader and constantly wins numerous awards. North Carolina State University is ranked 17th by U.S. News, 9th by the Princeton Review, and 17th by the Financial Times. Regarding online MBA programs worldwide, this program is ranked 40th by Q.S.

The esteemed Poole College of Management offers degrees to prospective students seeking a remote MBA. A professional CV, online application, personal statement, official transcripts, essay, three recommendations, and an invitation-only admissions interview are required of candidates for this online MBA. By default, J.D., Ph.D., Pharm.D., and M.D. holders are exempt from the GMAT requirement. Other applicants may apply for a GMAT waiver, subject to approval.

University Of Massachusetts–Lowell

UMass Lowell’s Manning School of Business offers a reputable MBA program that is entirely online. The program is currently ranked #51 for Best Online MBA and #6 for Best Online Support Services by US News. Along with these distinctions, the University of Massachusetts Lowell continues to provide this practical MBA for a cost that ranges from $15,000 to $19,999. 

It is possible to complete this degree in as little as 30 credit hours for students who have taken coursework equal to the necessary foundation classes. Other people might need to spend an additional 12 hours to complete the requirements in organizational behavior, financial accounting, and marketing basics. Managing Organizational Change, Customers and Markets, and Strategy Formation and Implementation are some key business courses available. Additionally, students can concentrate on one of the following fields: managerial leadership, finance, healthcare, entrepreneurship, accounting, information technology, marketing, or healthcare.

Students must submit official transcripts, three letters of recommendation from supervisors or coworkers, a resume detailing at least two years of professional work experience, and a one-page personal essay outlining their academic and professional aspirations to be considered for admission. The GMAT or GRE is not required of students presently enrolled at UMass Lowell and applying for the bachelors to master’s program. With the MBA director’s approval, candidates with more than eight years of managerial or professional experience may be eligible for a GMAT waiver.

What Is The Impact Of An Online MBA Program?

Of what value is the MBA degree online? You may ask. The standard business degree for managerial positions is an MBA, which employers recognize as the highest honor. Although a student could select an MA or MS in a field like finance or business analytics, these schools do not place the same focus on all-encompassing leadership qualities as an MBA degree does.

Due to their core business curriculum, outstanding ROI, and promising employment prospects, on-campus and online MBAs are more esteemed than other master’s degrees[5]. A growing number of online MBA programs at top business schools are on par with on-campus programs. For distant learners, many universities offer lower tuition prices.


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