Effortless Moving Long Distance with These 3 Companies

If you’re looking for a respectable, trusted, and qualified long-distance night moving company, you have hit the sweet spot! Moving can be an ordeal in terms of logistics. Without careful preparation, the long list of issues that must be handled might become pretty stressful. So, finding professional assistance is really the best option in that situation.

moving service long distance with these 3 companies

The Reasons to Hire a Moving Company?

Among the important aspects when you are moving is deciding whether or not to involve additional services. A professional moving company can help you with packing and transporting your things safely, as well as arrange some of the details of your move. Although you should be careful; choosing the wrong removalists might derail your intentions. It is highly advisable to check the customer satisfaction ratings of the company before making a decision. To get a clear understanding of their performance, check out their website or read independent reviews.

What exactly is a long-distance move?

Considering the place you are going to move, a service may see your plans as “long-distance,” so let’s dive into what that means in terms. Relocating from one state to another or across state boundaries is a long-distance move. In view of the fact that there can be various restrictions based on where you’re leaving and where you’re coming, long-distance moving companies are transferring services that are prepared to handle these kinds of treks.

1. Moving APT

Moving APT is famous for providing the highest quality moving services and is ranked as the number one long-distance mover in the United States. Across the country, the company has over 150 local agents. Moving APT also has over 20 years of long-distance moving experience. [1]

Moving APT is a fully certified, licensed, and insured service that can complete the project quickly and cost-effectively while keeping its trust. As well they propose local, corporate, and global moving services. Moving APT is truly competitive, presenting the greatest deal in the moving marketplace today. Their packages are affordably priced and can fit any consumer’s budget without reducing the quality or performing work. Moving APT’s team is professionally prepared to handle every step of the relocation, so you won’t need to do anything. In addition to moving services, it even provides packing services.

Key factors

  • Free and additional quotes;
  • Specialized moving strategies and execution;
  • Price match;
  • Free storage for up to 30 days;
  • Employees with experience and a background check;
  • Useful price details online.

2. Northern Moving Systems

Northern Moving Systems is well-known for cross-country moves. As well they handle related moves such as international, corporate, interstate, and local transfers. The company has partnerships with improved agents. It has a reputation for providing professional and high-quality service. [2]

With better quality services at reasonable prices, the company is one of the most affordable among competitors. The company has experienced staff to prepare you for a successful transfer. In addition to moving services, Northern Moving Systems provides parking and storage. It offers the most accurate online estimate that is closer to your actual moving quote. Namely, the Northern Moving System is one of the greatest solutions to consider.

Key factors

  • Relocation services are provided;
  • Discounts are available on practically all moving services;
  • Services for storage and parking.

3. Dedicated Van Lines

Dedicated Van Lines, with its highly skilled employees, is one of the leading long-distance moving companies in the United States. They move your heavy stuff, such as your motorcycle, boat, cars, and other assets, carefully.

You can reach them online and clarify anything you need to know. They propose the best specialists that can answer your questions regarding your move and a budget plan. [3]

Key factors

  • Serving all 50 of the United States;
  • Quick online customer support;
  • Experts estimate for moves;
  • Providing all moving services, except international relocating services.

Tips for hiring a moving company

  • Pick a good company with well-trained staff.
  • Don’t choose at random. Instead, do some research before deciding on the best moving company. [4]
  • Confirm prices with several moving companies. Compare various options, consult other services, consider their quotes, and then choose the most affordable one.
  • Moving expenses are mostly determined by the distance, the size of the house, and the necessary services.
  • If you are preparing a long-distance transfer, make sure that you`ve bought property insurance.


Moving can be not only thrilling but challenging as well, thus choosing a professional team to handle all details can help you save a lot of stress in the long run. As previously mentioned, conduct your own investigation before settling on a moving company to prevent falling into any traps. After the relocation, you’ll be ready to enjoy your new home!


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