How To Fix Garage Door In 2023 

So your garage door has a fault, leaving you wondering how to fix garage door. Repairs are typically simple when a door is difficult to operate. Here are some handy tips to address the issue yourself. 

how to fix garage door

Problems With Garage Doors

A Loud Garage Door 

Most noisy garage doors are fixable with regular maintenance and part replacement. It is necessary to vacuum the tracks of the garage door regularly. Clean the tracks and hinges of the garage door with a wet cloth. Grease the garage door’s tracks, rollers, and hinges with a can of spray and wire off the excessive grease properly. Examine the garage’s metal tracks. If the brackets are loose, tighten the bolts or screws. If these fail to quiet a noisy garage door, the hinges might need replacement.

Garage Door Off Its Track 

Unplug the garage door from the ceiling outlet by climbing a ladder. Disengage the door’s chain from the garage door opener. Then, locate the wheels that are out of alignment, then lock a set of locking pliers right next to them. Knock the wheels back onto the track using a rubber mallet. Open and close the garage door manually when they return. If it succeeds, you’re done. 

The track may be bent if the wheels start coming out again. You can turn it back into place by using the rubber mallet. Retest the track. You’re good if it works. 

Iced-Up Garage Door 

It can be frustrating when you find your garage door frozen to the ground. You can fix this[1]. When you press the opening button, sometimes there is only a slight frosty connection between the two that can be broken. 

But if the door won’t move after the initial effort, don’t repeatedly press the button for the automatic opener. It could lead to a more significant issue affecting the opener, like stripped gears, broken springs, and a burned-out opener motor, among other things. 

Instead, try using a heat gun or hair dryer to melt the ice and release the door. Standard de-icing solutions can also be effective. Use a flat shovel or similar tool to chip away at the ice, provided you take care not to harm the door or the seal at the bottom of the door. 

Once the door is open, sweep any snow, ice, or liquid of the garage door’s base. By keeping this area dry, future freezing will be avoided. 

A Faulty Wall Switch 

You might need to replace the wall switch or the switch wires if the remote functions but the wall switch does not. Unscrew the switch from the wall, then touch the two wires together to see if the switch or the wires are damaged. If the opener fires, the switch is faulty. 

An inexpensive doorbell button can work if your opener is an older model. Purchase the one made for your model if your opener is more recent and comes with a light and a locking feature. You should spend around $15 on a new one. Use a tiny wire to jump those same two wires at the opener junction box if the opener doesn’t operate at your touch at the opener. If the opener works, the wire connecting it to the switch is faulty. 

Damaged Or Missing Garage Door Seals 

Activate the garage door and remove the damaged seal by unscrewing it. Next, put in the fresh seal. Now try to shut the garage door while making adjustments as required. 

Murky Glass 

But what if the problem is not a noisy garage door or an iced one? What if it’s murky glass? As soon as possible, repair shattered glass because it poses a security risk, a safety risk, as well as an invitation for birds and insects to move into your garage. Fortunately, changing a glass pane is relatively easy. The methods used to replace the glazing in a home window are the same. 

Faulty Lights

You most likely have a broken light socket if the bulbs are fine, but the lights don’t work. You’ll need to remove the circuit board to access the socket for replacement. Depress the clip holding the old socket out of the way once the circuit board has been taken out. Install the new socket after disconnecting the two wire connections. Socket replacements cost less than $15. 

Use a bulb with the appropriate wattage. A socket will break if you use light bulbs that are more powerful than what the socket is designed to handle. It can not only damage the socket but also pose a fire risk. If the yellowing of your light cover is due to heat, your bulb is probably too powerful.

how to fix a garage door

How To Fix Garage Door Opener 

Overhead garage doors can be dangerous because of their weight. Installing a new opener is not only convenient but also an issue of family safety when a garage door opener is too old or fails to operate properly. Despite their seeming complexity, homeowners may take a few simple steps to identify and fix common garage door opener issues. 

Expired Springs 

This can happen as the extension springs gradually degrade over the years. When you have trouble opening the door or if it feels heavy to raise by hand, it might be time to replace the springs. It’s best to hire a professional, as you could get hurt if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Old Garage Door 

A garage door can endure for 50 years or more if it is well maintained[2], but if it is not, it may fail in 10 or 15 years, at which point there is no other option than to replace it. You may decide to replace the door because you don’t like how it appears and want to switch up the style. 

Regular Maintenance 

Check the tracks and rollers on the garage door. Give the rollers and tracks a thorough scrubbing and oil the axles and rollers if you can’t recall the last time you cleaned them. Replace any rollers that don’t function smoothly because their bearings can also wear out. 

Lock Down The Hardware. 

Ensure the brackets’ screws and bolts are tightly fastened and the parts securely fastened. 

Examine The Pulleys And Cables 

Replace frayed cables and damaged pulleys. Remember that this is a task best left to experts. 

Analyze The Door’s Equilibrium

It should only take a few pounds of pressure to lift and lower a garage door. A power garage door opener would have to work more to lift the door if the springs become worn and lose their resilience. The opener’s motor may quickly become worn out as a result. Spring replacement is often a task for a qualified technician. 

Test The Door Opener’s Auto-Reverse Function

Suppose a garage door opener runs into an obstruction while lowering the door to the ground. In that case, it is built to reverse and lift the door automatically. The heavy door poses a safety risk if this feature no longer functions properly, and the door opener needs to be fixed or replaced.

Consider calling a reliable garage door installer and repair professional if you need help fixing your issues or prefer to let someone else mess with the door. 


On how to fix garage door, it is preferable to choose repair rather than a complete replacement when you only need a single replacement panel. However, replacing your garage door is better than replacing individual panels if more than one panel begins to rust or fade. It can be unsafe to perform an activity alone if you have never done it before[3]. It is advised to contact a specialist because of this. But if you know what you’re doing, you can undoubtedly save some money. You can also check roofing services.


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