House Keeping Jobs

The top house keeping jobs pay up to 98,000$ a year! House keeping professionals work in various industries and they are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of rooms and other spaces. When seeking a house keeping job, it’s preferable to have previous experience in the service maintenance or food industry. It’s also important to have strong interpersonal and organizational skills and strong verbal communication skills to interact with clients. Different types of house keeping jobs, such as private chef, house sitter, Butler, and personal chef, have a wide range of salaries. In this article, we will examine the top five house keeping jobs, the job responsibilities, and their expected salary range.

House Keeping Jobs
House Keeping Job

Top Five Highest-Paying House keeping Jobs in 2023

To get a house keeping job, you usually don’t need to meet many qualifications. While most house keepers have a high school diploma or a GED certificate, it is not a strict requirement to have those qualifications. However, it is preferable to have previous experience in the field as mentioned above since this job often requires house keepers to perform a variety of cleaning functions, such as cleaning the toilets, bathtubs, floors, kitchens, living spaces, and general cleanliness of the area; emptying trash cans and recycling. Since this job is labor intensive, it is rewarding, and below are the top five house keeping jobs in 2023.

Private Chef—$46,000-$98,000 Per Year

A private chef is responsible for preparing meals and cooking food for clients and they usually work in the client’s kitchen. A private chef may also plate food as part of the service. The type of food that you will cook as a private chef depends entirely on the client’s dietary needs and food preferences. According to the American Personal and Private Chef Association (APPCA) a private chef usually only works with one client.

House Sitter—$31,500-$97,500 Per Year

A house sitter is someone who stays in or visits a home while the owner is away. The length of stay depends on how long the owner is away. The hours of house-sitting jobs can typically range from one night to several months depending on the client’s needs. There are also some house sitters who only visit the home(s) their care during the day to collect mail and to ensure the house is in good condition for the client’s return. Other house sitters stay overnight at the client’s home, watering plants, caring for pets, and keeping the house in order. While house-sitting is a great side hustle, there are professional house-sitters who make a full-time career out of it by working through a company or as freelancers.

Butler—$42,500-$80,500 Per Year

A butler is someone who works in a mansion or a large house. They are also considered to be part of hotel house keeping jobs since they can be recruited at hotels for administrative and organizational purposes.

Butlers often organize the daily operations of the property at which they work, such as completing maintenance tasks, answering phone calls, managing clothing inventory, scheduling food delivery, and helping plan daily routines or events, such as dinner parties. Butlers are also responsible for managing other domestic workers, like house keepers, cooks, and drivers.

House Keeping Job
House keeping Job: Butler

Personal Chef—$41,000-$65,500 Per Year

Similar to Private Chefs, a personal chef is someone who plans and prepares meals for their clients, usually at the client’s home or office. There are personal chefs who work in a professional or their own kitchen and delivery the meals to their clients. As a personal chef, you may work for just one client or have several clients at the same time. Your responsibilities include discussing meal plans and preferences with clients, as well as dietary restrictions; shopping for ingredients, and preparing meals. If you cook in your client’s home, you will be responsible for cleaning up the kitchen and putting away dishes and kitchen utensils. Depending on the contractual deal with the client, a personal chef may cook meals a few times a week or every day.

Household Manager—$37,500-$56,500 Per Year

As a household manager, you are responsible for keeping your client’s house clean, organized, and running smoothly. Some common duties include scheduling contractors to service the home, managing service staff, planning meals, providing administrative assistance, and more. Having experience in hospitality, event planning, property management, and administrative work are useful skills if you want to work as a household manager.

House Keeping Career

House keeping is such a diverse career and full of potential that there is even hospital house keeping jobs! You can practically work in any industry, from services to hospitality, to hospitals. If you’re interested in this role, learn about the Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services.


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