Computer Animation Degree

What’s in a computer animation degree? We live in a world where animation plays a much more significant role. There are many uses for animation, including television and entertainment, Promotion, Research,  Journey, Online gaming, Medical, and Instruction. Animation has evolved through the years from being a toy for children to a top form of entertainment. The animation industry is thriving nowadays, but without the talented creators who put them together, animated movies and TV shows wouldn’t be as popular as they are.

Numerous approved colleges and universities provide computer animation degree programs online, including online bachelor’s and online master’s degrees. Learning the skills required to enter any of a variety of these employment fields can be accomplished by enrolling in an online computer animation program. Courses will likely focus on web design, 3D modeling, and graphic imagery. 

Make sure the school you choose has a field study or internship component so you can get practical experience. Once you have finished all the requirements for your degree, you could be able to work for animation companies, computer companies, graphic design companies, and other businesses.

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What Can You Do With a Degree in Computer Animation?

Over the years, animation has gone from being something for kids to being a trend in entertainment. The animation industry is doing very well right now. However, animated movies and TV shows wouldn’t be where they are without the hard work of skilled artists.

Many of these professionals underwent intensive training as part of a degree program in animation. You can earn a bachelor’s degree in animation from a four-year college or art school. Graduates with a BFA in animation can look for jobs in animation or use their skills in other fields, like publishing and advertising.[1]

A bachelor’s degree in computer animation enables you to develop important hard and soft skills, such as computer literacy. Most people with degrees in animation work in the video game, television, and film sectors. Degrees in animation are valuable as online programs since most animation takes place through digital means.

What Can You Learn If You Major in Animation?

  • Enrolling in an animation or computer animation degree program can enhance your ability to develop and improve your creative skills. Various subjects, such as fundamental animation principles, the production pipeline, character, background design, storyboarding, and modeling, will be covered while you learn from experts in the field.
  • You can develop your artistic skills as an animation major by working with motion graphics, 2D and 3D visual effects, and video editing. You’ll also learn computer literacy, camera direction, pre-and post-production scheduling, typography, and scripting.
  • You’ll need to use industry-standard programs like Toon Boom, Autodesk Maya, and Adobe Creative Cloud in several of your coursework.
  • The ins and outs of a computer graphics technique for producing 3D digital images of surfaces or objects are covered in this course on 3D modeling and animation. 
  •  Audio and Editing Techniques: Sound should be expertly included in your animations if you want to get the most out of them. As a result, this course aims to impart the principles of audio and editing techniques. 
  •  Character Rigging: Also referred to as skeletal animation, character rigging is a process used to create an animation’s skeleton using software. You may learn how to operate a 3D model. 
  • Web Design: The principles of good website design and architecture are covered. 
  • 3D Computer Lighting 
  • Body Mechanics and Locomotion: You may create more lifelike animations by comprehending the principles of body motion.
  • Programming Languages: C++, CSS3, and Java are some of the most popular languages for creating video games. 

What Positions Can You Achieve With a Degree in Animation?

Holders of degree in computer animation can pursue long and successful careers. Many people decide to stay in the animation industry by taking storyboarding, design, or 2D and 3D animation jobs. Some graduates may go into adjacent fields like motion design and visual effects, while others focus on graphic design and advertising to use their technical know-how and creative talents for clients and agencies.

Some bachelor’s degree in computer animation graduates’ most popular employment routes includes gaming, broadcast design, and special effects. Gaming and special effects animators develop characters and visual effects for video games, movies, and TV shows. Studio animators plan and storyboard animated material for use in film and television. Some people might also work in technical direction, prop design, and background design. Broadcast designers produce titles, graphics, and other materials for TV shows, news, and special events.

Graduates with computer animation degree can also pursue careers in art, graphic design, and advertising. Animation is created, directed, and produced by an animator who works in advertising. Conversely, those with degrees in graphic design and illustration can make comics (strips, novels, and so on), consumer goods, and brand designs.

Multimedia animators and artists make an average yearly pay of $75,270, which is almost $35,000 more than the average income for all occupations.

The typical annual compensation for multimedia artists and animators is $75,270, which is almost $35,000 more than the median income for all jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Between 2019 and 2029, experts predict that the employment of animators will increase by 4%, or about average.[2]

The majority of positions in the animation industry demand a bachelor’s degree. A degree in animation can help you learn more about the field and its procedures while also showing potential employers that you know the duties and responsibilities of the position. This is particularly important for managerial and directing assignments.

It is also possible to work as a video game designer, which is another job role you could pursue. To design and produce games, game designers frequently collaborate with others on teams. A staggering 10 billion dollars were spent on mobile games in North America’s gaming business last year, claims data firm Statista. As a videogame designer, you might be responsible for character creation, animation, writing code in several programming languages, and more.[3] Later, you might advance to overseeing video game projects, ensuring that they stay within budget and that team members meet their deadlines. 

  • There are other options if you want to pursue an online animation degree but don’t particularly want to work on video games. 
  • Storyboard Artist Creating visual representations of a production master plan for films, television shows, and advertisements may be your job as a storyboard artist. Before any filming begins, storyboard artists produce visual representations for the director. The storyboard can suggest lighting, color palettes, props, and camera positions. 
  • Forensic Animation: Forensic animation uses full-motion computer visuals to recreate actual occurrences, such as car accidents. This is required when there is a dispute about who was responsible for a car accident, when criminal behavior causes harm or death, or when an event like the collapse of a parking garage occurs. 
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Is An Computer Animation Degree Online Worth It? 

Yes, many students find an online animation degree to be worthwhile. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 4% increase in employment for special effects artists and animators over the next ten years, despite an expected decline in job growth in the arts and design industry. Digital designers, film and video editors, and applications software developers are common animation careers in this industry. 

As you gain expertise in the field and get your foot in the door, keep in mind that many high-paying positions are available. And although many people believe that those with degrees in animation may only find employment in the video game business, many more job and career options are available. 


Future job opportunities with a computer animation degree will expand due to the rapid development of technology. Computer animation degree programs will help successful animators bring visuals to life in real time, using After Effects to create website graphics or iPhone photos to recreate a crime scene. From animator to art director, illustrator to graphic artist, and web designer to software engineer, an animation degree can help open the door to a wealth of opportunities. 


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