Car Paint Job Price 2023

Making your vintage automobile look nearly new with a fresh paint job may pay off, literally and figuratively, but do you know the car paint job price? First, you receive psychological compensation for driving a stylish vehicle. Finally, selling your vehicle could result in a cash gain because it should be worth more. What does it cost to paint a car, then?

What you hope to achieve with the paint job will determine the response. The level of care in the pre-painting preparation procedure and the caliber of the paint determine how much painting a car, truck, or SUV will cost. Are you looking for a simple and affordable solution to increase the worth of your car before you sell it? If so, a less expensive paint job might work as well.

A restoration endeavor is at the other extreme of the spectrum. It makes sense to pay significantly more if you’re repainting a car or restoring a ride you want to retain for a long time. This is particularly true if the car is expensive; a lowest price car paint job can lower its worth if you decide to sell it.

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Price For Car Paint Job

National chains charge an average of a few hundred dollars for painting your car or SUV. If you’re tight on cash, this may be a good choice. But be aware that applying a poor paint job to your automobile or truck might lead to several potential problems. You can’t expect the paint to be the same quality as what was initially applied to your car. For instance, most recent cars have a clear-coat finish, which makes repainting them more difficult if you want to do it correctly. When external scratches and minor dents are repaired, the cost can go from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand.

How could these less expensive paint jobs receive the same care and consideration as more expensive options? One-third of customers who bought lowest price car paint job—on average, $566—were dissatisfied with the outcome. Customers reported paying between $1000 and $3500 for “thorough” paint jobs of high quality. Consumers who submitted their estimates to the website claim that a “showroom quality” paint job costs at least $2500.[1] Look out if you want to go all out with metallic paints or several colors—and perhaps some flames down the side. The most extravagant paint jobs can cost thousands of dollars on hot rods or custom automobiles. The average price for car paint job for high-quality paint jobs was $4975.

Here are five crucial factors to bear in mind before having your car painted:

Decide How Good a Paint Job You Need

It doesn’t make sense to paint the entire automobile if it only has a few chips and flaws. Depending on how much work is necessary, the cost of repainting the hood and fixing door dings should be between $200 and $1000.[2] Remember that the extent of repairs depends on where you reside. In hot locations where the sun is constantly threatening, cars struggle with fading paint and fuzzy finishes brought on by the extreme heat. Due to the likelihood that the afflicted areas would be concrete surfaces like the hood, deck, and roof, touch-up repairs may become more challenging. On the other hand, cars in colder areas could have minor rust spots that need to be fixed.

If the siding on your house were rotting, you wouldn’t paint it. Never conceal a structural issue with a thin, superficial cosmetic covering; covering dents or rust without addressing the underlying problem is just that. Painting over dents and rust can only worsen in the long run if your car has a lot of dings and corrosion. In spite of the fact that rusted panels may continue to deteriorate if they are not adequately cared for, a beautiful, new coat of paint would certainly accentuate the fact that the body is deteriorating. Paint is purely decorative and should not be used to hide poor bodywork.

Plan Realistically

Consider that you own an old car with many miles worth a couple of thousand dollars. Even if it has a worn-out appearance, the car is still in great shape, and you will love it. If all you want is quick exterior freshening for the lowest price car paint job, choosing a less expensive repaint in the same hue is acceptable. This might be the case if you’re trying to sell the same car. You can increase the asking price by several hundred dollars, perhaps by a thousand or two. However, it is unlikely to be by an amount greater than what you will spend on paint. On the other hand, skimping on a paint job can be a prescription for disaster if you have a car that is either a classic or something with a greater value. You risk damaging the automobile’s value and ending up with a finish that is very different from how the car appeared when it was brand new.

Get a Better Understanding

Preparation will be limited for a cheap paint job, and the shop might not fix door dents and corrosion. Beforerepainting after deciding on car paint job prices, the glass area and other external trim that isn’t painted will be covered up. From a distance of 50 feet, it might appear to be okay. At close range, however, you will notice overspray on the rubber gaskets around the windows and on the exterior trim, color variations in the doorjambs, and spots of overspray where the masking off wasn’t flawless. Okay, if you are aware of this going into the procedure. Just be sure you know what you’re getting for your money, and verify if any warranty covers the job.

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A Better Job Means More Price For Car Paint Job

The preparation at the paint shop gets better as you pay more. Some businesses will not do hasty, inexpensive work. Some paint jobs come in different grades. As you progress up the pricing scale, more trim components and accessories, such as the head and taillamps, will be removed. This ensures the paint gets into the body’s recesses and over any sharp bends in the sheet metal where the earlier paint may have peeled off. The preparation for more pricey paint jobs will probably also include sanding off the old paint, correcting exterior damage, and possibly even taking out a glass. Something similar could cost $5000 or more because this lengthens the process and adds cost.

Expensive Paint Jobs Are Restorations.

Removing most or all of the car’s components ensures that every piece is fixed, painted, and restored to its original condition or better. The engine bay, the trunk’s interior, and other frequently difficult-to-reach locations must all be painted. This also includes metalwork and applying body filler to ensure that panels are arrow straight before painting. This procedure, which could cost thousands of dollars, is typically saved for high-end classics, historical cars, or precious sports cars and exotics. To understand how much time and effort goes into a thorough renovation, look at the work seen on TV restoration programs like Overhaulin’ Restoration Garage. Remember that these broadcasts frequently condense months or even years’ worth of labor into a single half-hour segment. Complete restorations may require hundreds or even thousands of hours to achieve the highest level of paint quality. And the cost of those hours is high.


The car paint job price will depend on many factors, including the abovementioned aspects. It can range from a few hundred dollars to as much as $10,000. Depending on the auto body shops in your area, you can get a basic price for car paint job for a sedan for about $500 without extras like racing stripes or high-quality wax. For a comparable automobile, a more thorough paint job with multiple coats of paint and basic polish will cost around $1000.[3] If you want an SUV painted with premium, manufacturer-only paint and a ceramic finish, don’t be shocked if the cost tops $5000. It takes much work to paint an automobile and may also be expensive. But a freshly painted car’s sleek, glossy finish is unmatched.


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