Affordable Braces For Teens – 6 Reasons Dentists Recommend

Are you thinking about dental braces and looking for affordable braces for teens? Straight teeth are more than just a pretty smile. An aligned jaw also provides health benefits. If you’ve seen crooked teeth in your teen’s mouth or if they’ve expressed any concerns about their smile, it’s time to talk about treatment alternatives.

Three teeth bound together with braces

Why Should You Consider Teens Braces?

Orthodontic treatment has numerous advantages, particularly when performed during a teenager’s adolescent years. Here are six reasons why a parent or guardian and their teen might consider wearing braces to get a straighter smile.

1. Braces boost their self-esteem and grin

As a teen approaches adulthood, he or she may become more self-conscious about their grin. Straight teeth can boost a teenager’s self-esteem and encourage them to grin and laugh freely in public.

Teenagers who acquire braces will only have to cope with the appearance and inconvenience of braces for a brief period of time. Many dental professionals may enable the youngster to choose the band colors of their braces during treatment, allowing them some control over the appearance of their braces. Teens who choose a more discrete treatment may benefit from clear ceramic braces.

In any event, the orthodontic treatment will be worthwhile in the end. When the treatment is over, they will have a straight grin to be proud of.

2. The jaws of teenagers are more flexible

Early adolescence is typically regarded as the best age to acquire braces. The baby teeth have fallen out, the adult teeth have grown in, and the softer jawbone tissue is repositionable. Adults can also obtain braces, but the process may be slower. The patient might have a straight smile early in life by receiving braces while they are still teenagers.

3. Braces promote good dental hygiene habits

Teenagers can benefit from having to wear braces. These necessitate special cleaning and maintenance, like careful flossing and brushing. Adolescents may become more conscious of their dental health. After months or years of practicing such superb dental hygiene, they will continue to do so long after their braces are gone.

4. Braces help with oral health

Food is more likely to become trapped between crooked teeth. Braces minimize the number of areas where food can become trapped because they straighten the patient’s teeth. While brushing and flossing, can make it easier to clean the entire mouth.

5. Prevent future health issues

Teeth that are properly aligned might improve a teen’s overall oral health. An incorrect biting position might lead to temporomandibular joint issues or exacerbate teeth grinding. Food particles trapped between crooked teeth can harm gum health and cause gum disease. Misaligned teeth can also result in cracks due to excessive wear and strain on the teeth and jaw.

6. Teen braces may be less expensive

Although everyone’s insurance status is unique, braces for teenagers may end up being less expensive than braces for adults. Some healthcare providers only cover orthodontic treatment for adolescent patients and do not cover it for adults.

Dental Braces Types – Treatment Choices For a Bright Future

We want to make your adolescent years as enjoyable as possible, which includes not feeling self-conscious about wearing braces or having a less-than-perfect smile. We like to find individualized treatment plans that produce long-term outcomes by utilizing new options such as classic metal braces, ceramic, tooth-colored braces, discrete lingual braces, and nearly-invisible Invisalign clear aligners made exclusively for youth.

Teen Invisalign

Invisalign transparent aligners are practically invisible, removable, and connect with our Dental Monitoring app, allowing for remote check-ups that fit into a teenager’s hectic schedule. No surprise our young patients (and their parents) adore them!

Incognito Lingual Braces

These are the world’s first custom-made metal braces that are fitted to the back of the teeth and remain hidden in plain sight. They straighten your teeth as if by magic because no one can know you’re wearing them.

Traditional metal and ceramic braces

For young patients, the classic brackets and archwire system is a particularly effective treatment choice. And now they have a more discreet choice! Ceramic braces are made to match the color of your teeth, so they aren’t as noticeable as metal ones, but they still work just as well.

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