2023 Top Certification Nursing Programs

Nursing as a profession can provide a fulfilling career with several chances, challenges, and rewards. There are numerous other reasons why nursing can be a satisfying vocation, ranging from work stability and flexibility to attractive wages. Here are five additional reasons why you should choose a career in healthcare.

Starting a nursing profession is also simple. A nursing degree does not need a lot of money or time. However, these are only a few of the numerous reasons why you should consider a career in nursing.

1. Nursing Provides Excellent Job Security

There will never be a period when nurses are not needed. Nursing is a good subject to get into if you always want to have a job because practically all medical institutions require nurses, and hospitals and clinics are regularly understaffed. New job prospects for nurses emerge all the time, and work is available practically anyplace for both experienced and inexperienced nurses. If you don’t believe us, consider the US Bureau of Labor’s1 prediction of a 15% growth rate in this profession between 2016 and 2026. With global population expansion, the need for healthcare workers and job growth in these industries is pretty stable on a global scale. Furthermore, nursing is expected to be a recession-resistant vocation for many years to come. While many areas are susceptible to regular volatility in the global economy, jobs in healthcare, such as nursing, are often regarded to have high job security due to their necessity.

2. Nursing Hours Are Variable

Many people identify the nursing profession with long hours and shifts, but this is a false misconception. In actuality, nurses have substantially greater scheduling flexibility than workers in most other professions. As a nurse, you have the option of working mornings, evenings, middays, or nights. You can even choose whether or not to work on weekends. Another benefit that many people overlook is the possibility to stack shifts on certain days while freeing up others. Many nurses choose to stack shifts in order to have longer periods of time off, but others prefer to split their time more evenly throughout the week. ²

3. You May Be Able to Have Your Student Loans Forgiven

Yes, you read that correctly. If the large loan you took out to pay for your education seems to be growing larger and scarier by the day, nursing is one profession that will allow you to say goodbye to that looming burden. After graduation, the government forgives student loans for nursing degrees, and other types of special subsidies are also easily accessible for students. ³

You will not have to repay your debts if you begin working at a military hospital, a government facility, or as a Peace Corps nurse. As a result, being a nurse is one of the few new career options you may pursue while keeping your budget intact.

4. Many Nurses Travel for Work – And You Can Too!

Nursing is also an excellent option to travel the world while working. Nursing degrees and abilities can readily be transferred from hospital to hospital, state to state, and even over the world. It is feasible to obtain a nursing profession that permits you to travel the world as a nurse. Some nurses, for example, accompany athletic teams to all of their many sporting events, no matter where they are. International work is available through a variety of routes and is an excellent method for nurses to broaden their expertise and awareness of global health care. There are short-term choices, which place you in locales for periods ranging from 8 to 26 weeks, as well as longer-term possibilities of 2+ years. Some long-term positions will even allow employees to bring their spouses and families with them. ⁴

5. You Can Study Online

If you want to be a nurse, you will have to put in a lot of time studying. The increased popularity of pursuing education remotely through online classes in recent years has made obtaining a nursing degree online easier than ever. You may find nursing degree programs and do everything online. This increases the availability of both BA and BC to all candidates. Furthermore, online education is usually less expensive than traditional brick and mortar universities.

You have access to online classes, which will allow you to get a head start on your degree. There is no lengthy application procedure or $10,000 tuition as there is with regular, on-campus college enrollment. You obtain the same level of information, abilities, and education without spending a fortune. This option’s economics are part of what has made online education so popular in recent years.

6. Nursing Is Among the Most Meaningful and Fulfilling Professions

As a nurse, you will never be bored or subjected to the boredom and repetition of office desk labor. Instead, each day will be radically different, and each patient will be unique. Your efforts will benefit – and even save – lives. What could be more satisfying and fulfilling than that? If you want to accomplish something with your life that will actually make a difference, a career in nursing is a great place to start.

How To Obtain A Nursing Degree?

Starting your nursing degree has never been easier than it is now. With so many alternatives, you can start your medical career by finding the finest online course for you or by doing some research on the opportunities accessible to you locally through traditional schooling.

It won’t be long after you apply that you’ll be starting your job and discovering how flexible, affordable, and gratifying it is. Simply pick a program that offers low-cost programs while providing the value of a typical college degree, and you are ready to begin your new life as a nurse, as a part of one of the world’s greatest workforces!

If you want to be a nurse, start investigating how to become a nurse today.